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23 March 1987
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Hi ya! ^_^ Nice to meet you! I'm just a simple, boring girl currently doing post-grad in Adelaide, Australia, at the moment. I go back and forth between two countries randomly so you might hear me talking abt freezing my head off in Australia and then dying of heat in Malaysia the next day. I'm a random person, and this journal is mostly where I dump all my rambles of everyday life and my fangirling for otome games (NOTE: I ramble A LOT abt Quinrose's Alice series, just a warning...^^;;), Jrock bands, Lolita/Punk/Goth fashion. Victorian Literature is my life and blood (though I don't show it that much on my journal) so if you're a Victorian Lit lover too, please, by all means, add me! Also, I love to write short stories. You can have a look at my Memories if you want to read some of them. If you want to add me, plz ask first! I will not add you if you do not ask or at least, tell me. (i find it very rude to add someone and not inform them of it) And please tell me a little about yourself! I'm always willing to make new friends, as long as we have things in common..^_^

Please visit my Poupee page, if you have Poupee Girl, please add me too!

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Lovely potrait of Ryuutarou Arimura, drawn for me by my best friend, tammiestofall!

Love Can is Obake Love.

Ryuutarou is love.

Plastic Tree is love.

Ryouhei is ♥-love-♥

Vidoll is Love

Nao is love.

Insults are love
made by tsurumarus_lyre