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Ahoy, me hearties! [06 Nov 2009|12:41pm]
[mood| sleepy]
[music| Kra - Pied Piper]

I found this option on Facebook!

Pirate English! o(≧∇≦)o I rarely tinker with the Facebook options, so i was really surprised and amused to find this.
I'm not a big fan of pirates or anything, but it's really funny! There's even l33t speak...and upside down English....(゚∀゚) Something tells me certain ppl have too much time on their hands...

Anyway, Ino's going back to Japan for good on Saturday, so we had a little going-away party (which my current Facebook calls it 'Grog fest'...) for him. Went out drinking at the Belgium Beer Bar, which was a really nice place. We had a lot of fun, just talking and stuff...AND we managed to get Ino tipsy...(゚∀゚) Momoyo sneaked a shot of vodka into his lemon lime bitters....it was quite hilarious. And in the end we all started mixing up really weird drinks, like beer, lemon lime bitters and milk...-_-lll Me and James had to leave after a bit coz he has work the next day at 6, but still, it was a really good night...if you ignore the main reason why we're having this night-out in the first place...-_-lll

I'm gonna graduate soon...again...-_-lll This course has made me realize that i don't really want to be a teacher. I mean...i prolly won't mind teaching, but it's not one of my first choices. And seeing that my 1st choice isn't exactly viable now, i really don't know what to do....(´・ω・`) Maybe i should apply to be an English lit tutor at uni? -_-lll I really don't know what else to do....and i have to think abt applying for Australian PR now as well....aarggh....this means i have to take IELTS again....stress! And on top of that i have another 2 assignments to do...orz
I really want to stay at uni forever...(;´Д`;)

Also, James' mom wants me to attend their family Christmas party...which means i'll meet the extended family as well...-_-lll I'm sooooo freaking stressed abt that. I'm terrified of meeting ppl's parents, and this being James' parents, it's even worse. Me and Heeyeon will be the only Asians amidst a sea of Italians and Australians....-_-lll I get so stressed just thinking abt it. And on top of that, his mom wants to have a get together sometime soon, like, a beach thing, with her, James's dad, Laurence, Heeyeon and James. orz I'm really happy and grateful that she's inviting me to these things but still! It's scary! And i tend to give ppl wrong impressions all the time, with them thinking i'm cold or a snob, since i don't talk to ppl unless they talk to me...-_-lll Gah!

Oh well...on the bright side, i'm going back on Tuesday (KENNY!!!!!!!!!!)! And my cousin's wedding's next Saturday! Now if i could only get the motivation to get this damn assignment done! (`・ω・´)
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Two more weeks! [27 Oct 2009|10:52pm]
[mood| calm]
[music| Ayabie - Digital Neverland]

My gosh, i'm going back in exactly 2 weeks' time! (゚∀゚) Time really flies doesn't it! And on top of that, my whole family will be going to Korea as well for a week. I'm not sure how i feel abt that though...-_-lll It's gonna be REALLY cold at the time, and i've never really been into Korean stuff and culture. AND! Momoyo, Ryo, Ino and Jason will be meeting up in Tokyo in December! orz I really want to join them...but....gah! (;´Д`;) I really want to go to Japan again coz if i go this time i'll go to Kyushu and visit Momoyo. I've never been to the southern parts of Japan before, and i might even get to visit Hengtee if i go there...-_-lll Damnit! And when i start working next year i might not even have time to go travelling anymore... Oh well....(´・ω・`)

Anyway, on to happier things, i finished this game called Scribblenauts on DS. It's such an awesome game! I saw it in the shops a few weeks ago and thought it was a kiddie game but no! It's sooooooo good and clever! You basically type in anything into the notepad and out comes the object, and you use the objects to solve puzzles and finish quests. It's really good! And sometimes the items you type interact with each other as well! I typed in Jack Russell Terrier, and it appeared, then next James typed in vet, and the vet chased after the dog while the dog got scared and tried to run away! It was soooo cute! o(≧∇≦)o I also tried typing in vampire, and sun, and the vampire died and turned to ash....(゚∀゚) And if you have a werewolf, when it sees the sun it turns back into a man. (o^-')b
Also, T-Rex is invicible...it even killed God...o_O

Speaking of games, i've started playing Clover no Kuni no Alice again. I stopped when i started dating James surprise surprise, but since i bought him Fallout 3 for his birthday he's been....let's just say he's kinda been occupied...^^;; I've finished the twins' route, but somehow, despite having 5 hearts, i still got their child ending....-_-lll I wonder where i went wrong....need to replay that some other day. I'm currently going through Elliot's route...and i remember why i love him sooooooooooo much now! He's just sooooooooo cute! I love him! (*´∀`*)
James did get very amused when the Boris and Pierce scene came up btw....(゚∀゚)

Also, speaking of Fallout 3, i was watching him play and the game looks pretty cool. It's really unique as it has the fantasy rpg elements but it's set in a post-apocalyptic world. But yeah, It's not something i would ever play, as it's a shooter, but still. I really like the nostalgic post-war, 50s feel to it. (*´∀`*) I sometimes really feel like i was born in the wrong era or something. (゚∀゚) I love Victorian lit, i love the American post-war pin up pictures and fashion, and the music as well. And i really love Lolita clothes, which are reminiscent of Victorian children clothes....hmm....although, having said that eventhough i don't see myself as a feminist, i don't think i'll enjoy the social restrictions that they have on women at the time though....^^;;

Anyway, 2 more weeks, 2 more weeks....ヽ(´ー`)ノ Of course, this also means that my assignments are due in 2 weeks...orz
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New clothes! o(≧∇≦)o [17 Oct 2009|12:27pm]
[mood| bouncy]
[music| Rentrer en Soi - Season]

Wow, i realize that nowadays i only post an entry per week...which is weird since i used to post every few days...-_-lll

Anyway, i got a new top! ヽ(´▽`)ノ

The t-shirt's mine but i got the top yesterday! Saw this top when i was walking past this tiny arcade at Rundle Mall with James yesterday. It was in a small, secluded shop which i've always wanted to go but for some reason it's always closed. When i saw this i went I WANT THIS!  o(≧∇≦)o I absolutely LOVE it! I've been so obssessed with chiffon clothes lately. They look so gorgeous and girly! And this one has little flowers as well, so...even better! I told myself i wouldn't get any clothes anymore since i'm going back in 3 weeks' time, but i couldn't help it! ^^;; I want to get some chiffon skirts when i go back as well! I'll need to handwash them all, but oh well...pretty clothes need all the TLC you can give...^^;; But anyway, i tried it on with jeans and a knit jacket and this is what i came up with...
under the cut!Collapse )
Also, i was addicted to Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box a couple of days ago. Can't believe i managed to finish it! o_O I had help from James as well for some of the maths-related puzzles but on the whole i solved most of them myself...which was incredible since i'm an absolutely hopeless idiot when it comes to puzzles....i played the previous one with Kavita as well as i didn't think i could solve them by myself. ^^;; Hmm, i think i actually enjoy solving the logic puzzles a lot...(゚∀゚) I didn't like the plot that much in this story though, compared to The Curios Village, as it's too....unbelievable and erm...made no sense to me...but oh well...it was a good game anyway...ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Anyway, I think i might take a TESOL course next year, as i'm still not confident in my teaching skills. I'll need to see if i can do it part-time since i want to get a job as well...^^;;

It's gonna be a real busy 2 weeks for me soon, as all my assignments are going to be due during the second week of November. I think i have at least 3 assignments...-_-lll Gah...must...preservere.....since i'm going back right after i hand in the last assignment!!! 8-(o・ω・)o Can't wait to see everyone again...especially Kenny! o(≧∇≦)o AND NEW CLOTHES! (゚∀゚)
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Lazy lazy lazy... [10 Oct 2009|12:41pm]
[mood| lazy]
[music| Matenrou Opera - Alkaloid Showcase]

Yay!! I finished my prac at Carrick! o(≧∇≦)o Not sure how i feel abt it now. On one hand, it'll be good to know that i have a path in my future, on the other hand, i'm not sure i want to go down this path...-_-lll I wonder how it'll be like to teach primary or kindergarten kids....might be more fun actually...(゚∀゚) Meh...i don't really want to think abt my future atm...orz And i have to do my report on both my teacher talk and prac...-_-lll Sooooooooo unmotivated to do anything now....

Anyway, things as usual have been going kinda slow lately. So i've decided to post some pics up abt recent stuff....
Clicky click!Collapse )
Anyway, been totally addicted to Emperor again as usual....i've never played a city-building game this long before! With Zeus, Pharoah and Ceasar i usually play a few episodes, get bored then move on to sandbox games. With this one, i've already gone through 7 dynasties...i think...i'm now in the Han dynasty now....(゚∀゚) I guess the heroes and monsters in Zeus have always annoyed the crap out of me...^^;; With Emperor it's sooooo much less of a hassle! And i actually don't mind military action now! I used to think they were nothing but more trouble but now...(o^-')b As long as i have enough to defend my city i'm happy. ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Also, James needs to move out of his house by next week, and he still hasn't found a suitable place yet. There's a place on South Terrace, but it's freaking far...and not on the tram line either so he's still considering. My parents lived in South Terrace while they were here...and it IS REALLY REALLY far! Takes more than 30 mins to walk to the markets, which is the middle of the city, walking to uni would take an hour! As i'm moving in next year with him i really want a place within the city, but with his budget right now that's prolly his best bet...-_-lll Damn unreasonable security bond! Anyone in Adelaide know good places to live within the city? We found some nice and affordable places, but it's the security bond that's preventing him from being able to afford it atm...orz
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orz [03 Oct 2009|11:10am]
[mood| cold]
[music| Plastic Tree - Ghost]

I can't believe i woke up at freaking FOUR THIRTY in the morning yesterday and today...orz James started work at the markets on Thursday, and he has to go in at 7, and today, 6...-_-lll So, ever the supporting girlfriend (and more importantly since i don't have teaching today) i woke up with him on Friday and got him breakfast and stuff. (゚∀゚) Well, i guess i owed him since i couldn't on his 1st day and he felt kinda crappy....^^;; Went back to sleep after he left and woke up at 9-ish coz i was meeting him for lunch somewhere around 10 and 11. I guess it wasn't that bad coz we both went to sleep pretty early the day before. I was really really tired since i only got a few hours sleep. Even if James didn't have to wake up so early i still had to wake up at 6.30 coz of teaching...-_-lll Today however, he got his break at 9.50, and i was still sleeping so...^^;; Oh well...will get to see him later when he comes back anyway....
I feel so housewife-ish....o_O Coz i don't teach on Fridays and Saturdays, so i'll be at his house, while he goes to work....so i'll be reading, or browsing the web, or trying to sleep more....-_-lll I don't think i can ever be a housewife....(゚∀゚)

And speaking of teaching, i only have 2 more pracs to go! o(≧∇≦)o It's been a really good experience so far...and i really think i've gotten the hang of it. The internet is such a wonderful tool! I don't think i could ever teach as well if it wasn't for it. I mostly use it for definitions of grammar and vocab that i have to teach. (o^-')b But of course when it comes to comprehension i have to do everything myself...-_-lll I did my first comprehension teaching on Wednesday....it wasn't bad, but it wasn't particularly good either...-_-lll Need more practice on that. Oh well...i guess i'm not so gloomy and pessimistic abt it being part of my future anymore anyway...(o^-')b

Also, me and James went to watch G-Force on Thursday. Both of us needed a break and since it was late-night shopping in Marion yesterday, we went there for dinner as well as a movie. We didn't know what to watch. I wanted to watch The Young Victoria, but both of us were so tired that we wanted something funny and mindless, so i guess...G-Force fit pretty well. The story's really shallow and stupid, but i guess it distracted us enough with cuteness for 1 and a half hours...^^;; And...i never thought i'd ever find a fly cute before this...o_O

Other than that i think my life's pretty boring at the moment....-_-lll Hence the lack of blog updates. Might go out for drinks and dinner with friends tonight, but not sure yet. I really don't feel like doing anything much these days. The weather doesn't help either. It's so cold and gloomy these days. What happened to spring?! (´・ω・`)
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ヽ(´ー`)ノ [23 Sep 2009|10:08pm]
[mood| calm]
[music| Plastic Tree - Kuuhaku no Hi]

One of the teachers at Carrick today asked me if i was Vietnamese...o_O Now that's a first. People's asked if i was Chinese or Japanese before, but never ever ever Vietnamese. (゚∀゚) Oh come on, my features are so obviously East Asian! -_-lll And then after a while he asked "How long have you been here?" and when i said 4 years he went "Your English is exceptionally good". He taught in Malaysia before so i assumed he was comparing mine with them? -_-lll James also mentioned once that he noticed that ppl at shops here get really surprised when they hear me speak good English. Is it really that shocking to have a non-native speaker speak good English? I take it as a compliment when ppl tell me my English is good, but sometimes i wonder i should be offended....^^;; Anyway, I honestly don't know how i can ever thank my mom for exposing me to English even before i started kindergarten. I think i knew how to write alphabets earlier than writing my name in Chinese...o_O

And speaking of Carrick, teaching went pretty well today. I was surprised how smoothly it went. (゚∀゚) Before this i was totally depressed and dispirited abt teaching as my last lesson didn't go as well as i expected it to, but i guess now my confidence is back! I just hope it won't be a 1 shot thing...-_-lll Anyway, tomorrow i'm gonna be teaching for another 1.5 hours! (゚∀゚) It won't be that bad, as it'll be adverbs for storytelling, which is pretty easy. And then the last hour i'm gonna put the students to work on writing a story, so most of it will be them doing the work...(o^-')b After tomorrow, another 6 lessons, including 3 more hours of teaching, then i'm done done done with my prac!!! o(≧∇≦)o I get Fridays off now too! So at least i can sleep in at Friday as well now. I have to wake up at 6.15 these days coz i always take 2 hours to get ready in the morning...^^;; And this includes shower, breakfast, makeup etc. I could prolly wake up at 7, but i like to take things slow in the morning so...(o^-')b I guess i'd rather take my own sweet time than rush here and there when i wake up in the morning....

Anyway, found a cute pic of us all at karaoke last Saturday....(゚∀゚)

Ryo started doing that pose and thus me and James followed suit. It was kinda silly, but everyone was in a silly mood at that time so hey...o(≧∇≦)o So much fun that night....ヽ(´▽`)ノ

Also, i think i've gotten tired of Zeus...^^;; The monsters and heroes thing annoyed me so much....-_-lll I'm currently playing Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom instead. It's also by the same ppl who made Zeus, Pharoah and Ceasar, so well, if you know how to play one game you know most of how they all work...(o^-')b Though the graphics of Emperor are a lot better than Zeus, and Zeus has a lot of annoying aspects, i guess i actually still prefer Zeus....I don't know, Asian cultures don't really interest me...^^;; Since i was a child i've always been more interested in Greek and Egpytian myths and cultures more than my own Asian ones...don't ask me why, i just do. ^^;; English always appealed to me more than Chinese as well. And now, i'm still so totally in love with Victorian lit and culture. (*´∀`*)
Despite that i still preferred Asian boys and yet here i am, with James. Funny how life is huh....(゚∀゚)

Speaking of James, it's gonna be our 3rd month anniversary this Friday! o(≧∇≦)o On one hand i can't believe it's already been 3 months, since i think we're both still in our honeymoon, lovey-dovey period. On the other, i can't believe it's only 3 months, as it feels like we've been together ages already! (゚∀゚) It's funny, we've had a few problems during the 1st month and we nearly broke up during the 3rd week. Jason told me that if relationships have problems this early on they normally don't last, and other ppl's been telling me that most relationships end within 3 months. And i kept thinking James and i would break up after the 1st month, but now...i can't imagine that ever happening at all. (*´∀`*) We don't have open verbal fights, since James believes in talking and i'm the passive one in the relationship, but we did have our disagreements, and I think those problems we had actually made our relationship stronger since we cleared up misunderstandings and now understand each other better. ^^;;

Anyway, gonna go get ready for bed now so, nights! 8-(o・ω・)o
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(゚∀゚) [20 Sep 2009|03:18pm]
[mood| cheerful]
[music| Ketsumeishi - Fuyu Monogatari]

Mid-semester break has started and yet i still have my prac...not much of a break at all huh...-_-lll And i have to teach again on Wednesday...the difference between 'Say' and 'Tell'. The teacher just gave me the materials, which consists of one page of exercises and told me to teach it....yeah like that's gonna work...-_-lll I do know the difference, just...i don't know how to explain it to a class! -_-lll I don't feel like i'm getting support at all! She was like "You'll need to do research".....orz I'm so glad at least i can ask James how to teach and stuff since he taught before...-_-lll I can't wait for this prac to be over. I still have to do another 4 hours of teaching to get my qualifications...gah!

Anyway! Introducing the newest addition to my family of plushies!

Meet Bambi the panda! o(≧∇≦)o Yeah i know, i know, Bambi is a really weird name for a panda but call me uncreative...^^;; Coz her original name was Beckett so i thought....yeah, rather than be even more uncreative and call her Pandy, i think Bambi would be cuter....ヽ(´ー`)ノ The Borders in Rundle Mall was selling them by the truckloads, as Adelaide's celebrating the impending arrival of the 2 pandas to Adelaide Zoo next month. So yeah, James bought one for me! (*´∀`*) I love pandas! And i do mean real ones! They're so adorable! They look just like big, squishy, adorable plushies!! o(≧∇≦)o It's currently staying at James' place though, as i basically live there now...^^;; It's funny, coz i hug it when i go to sleep at night sometimes, and i hug James too, so she's squished in the middle. Like James said, it's like we have kids now....o(≧∇≦)o
Her leg tore though, on the 2nd day i got her...-_-lll James managed to sew her back together though so all is fine now...but still! I thought Beanie Babies were good quality toys...I've had Sammie (also another Beanie Baby plush dog) for more than 5 years and she's still alright...-_-lll

Anyway, went out for karaoke last night with a bunch of friends. I didn't want to go at first, but when we got there...it was actually good fun! ヽ(´ー`)ノ There were around 15 of us last night so it was pretty lively and fun, as ppl were singing together, and when they didn't know how to sing they tried to anyway....it was really funny. o(≧∇≦)o So glad i went, as i nearly decided to stay home....(o^-')b The place has Sid's Uso as well! I couldn't believe it when i saw it....(゚∀゚) It was prolly there coz it was the song for an anime and the place usually have anime songs but....why didn't they have Monochrome Kiss too?! (´・ω・`) But yeah i didn't try to sing it as it was kinda too high...and though the music was lovely, i didn't really like that song so....but i guess i'll have to try next time...o(≧∇≦)o

Also, me and James watched Up on Friday! It was sooooo good! I absolutely LOVED that movie! ヽ(´▽`)ノ It was sooo cute and excuse me for sounding sappy, but it was really touching as well. ^^;; I think i've mellowed out a lot recently, but movies tend to tear me up easily these days...-_-lll I want to watch it again! (゚∀゚) They also showed Partly Cloudy before the movie, a short film from Pixar as well. It's just sooooooo cute as well! o(≧∇≦)o James thought that was the film and when it ended after like less than 10 minutes he was like....that's the movie?! o(≧∇≦)o

Oh!!! Btw, i bought Zeus, along with the expansion pack! It's the city building game! It's sooooo nostalgic! o(≧∇≦)o I used to be so into these city building games when i was in highschool! I bought Pharoah 2 years ago, and now i'm rebuilding my collection again, since these games are really cheap now. (o^-')b Have been playing Zeus for most of my free time yesterday. Me and James have a really good relationship going these 2 days: i bring my laptop to his house and play my game there while he does the same on his computer....(゚∀゚) Yeah...really good relationship...-_-lll

Well speaking of games, i'm back to build more cities in ancient Greece. Tata! (o^-')b
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Cupcakes! [12 Sep 2009|12:27pm]
[mood| lazy]
[music| Kagrra - Sai]

I think me and Momoyo have found a new haunt for Monday afternoons now. o(≧∇≦)o We went to this cupcake shop called BTS Cafe on Pirie Street on Monday! The cupcakes there are sooooo good! Lookie!

They had baby cakes and proper cupcakes. Me and Momoyo got the baby cakes at first, but then they were so good so we got another big, proper one to share. (゚∀゚) They're not as pretty as the ones in one other shop in the city, but the price and taste of it far beats that place! o(≧∇≦)o The buttercream isn't excessive (yes, despite the pic showing it it's actually not that much, the cake rises quite a bit...^^;;), and neither was it too sweet. I'm so addicted the one called C+C, it's chai flavoured cream and chai cake! Soooo good! Will definitely go back there again! Bought one for me and James yesterday too! (*´∀`*) The decor for the place is lovely as well! Pink wallpaper, with iron-wrought furniture, chandeliers and plush sofas! (o^-')b Soooo elegant and sweet! ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Anyway, been going to Carrick for 2 weeks now....and i'm still not sure abt how i'm supposed to teach. I did do an hour plus of teaching last week, but sigh.....i think i need to have more confidence! The students there are really nice, and i get along well with a few of them....in fact i don't think they even see me as a student teacher...-_-lll I'm gonna try and teach again on Thursday. It's not THAT bad actually, coz the textbooks that they're using has everything carefully planned out, and is really suitable for ppl who are just starting to teach so....^^;; Sigh, i wish i was better at public speaking...though, it's funny, when i asked for feedback my supervisor teacher actually said she couldn't tell i was nervous despite me nearly dying of fright inside....(゚∀゚) But anyway, i've already done an hour, so.....5 more hours of proper teaching to go, and then i can get my qualifications! (o^-')b

I've been reading Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre recently...and i couldn't help comparing it to Villette. Same strong, seemingly cold heroine, same dark and mysterious love interest, same dark secrets in both houses (Mrs. Rochester in Jane Eyre and the ghostly nun in Villette), and then there's the lively, lovely and popular girl who's meant to contrast the heroine.....I'm only half-way through so i guess the exciting things haven't happened yet, but honestly, it's sooooo similar to Villette, though to be fair i think Jane Eyre is a lot more interesting, since i did find Villette kinda dry as nothing really happens....^^;; (I had to do an essay and presentation on it and i had to force myself to think of things to write...-_-lll) Hmm, I wonder if Shirley is the same as well...

Also, Dorian Gray and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs will only be released in Australia at the end of the year...-_-lll Grrr!!! I hate how Australia is so much slower than most of the English speaking world. It's ridiculous! Just coz we happen to be at the other side of the earth doesn't mean we're not important! ヽ(`Д´)ノ Up just came out on Thursday too! Me and James were planning to watch it yesterday but we didn't have enough time so....next week! orz
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It has been decided... [27 Aug 2009|01:59am]
[mood| sleepy]
[music| Orange Range - Locolotion]

...that i will be having my teaching prac at Carrick Institute of Education instead! I'll be starting on Monday at.....EIGHT IN THE BLOODY MORNING! -_-lll But anyway, I'm not complaining though (abt the place anyway...) coz i went to the place today. It's in the city, around 15 minutes walk from my place, and it's pretty nice! Everyone was nice and friendly too! It's a really new place. They have campuses in Brisbane and Sydney but their Adelaide campus has only been up for like...2 months...o_O In addition to teaching English (to young adults planning to go into uni, or taking IELTS) they do vocational courses too, and they even offer a few business degrees, so it'll be an interesting place to have my prac at. They do have a dress code though..-_-lll So....sigh...well, it's funny, coz Tina, the woman in charge of my prac said 'You're allowed to look cute, just not too casual' when i mentioned the only slightly appropriate shoes i have are my pink ballet flats and a pair of black heels with polka dots and lace....o(≧∇≦)o I have enough formal-ish tops, but it looks like i'll have to go shop for some dress pants and skirts...-_-lll I'm really really nervous though, coz i really don't know what to do! orz I've been reading up all these theories on how to teach in my course so far, but i've never actually seen them in action, so it's pretty scary! I'm also a bit concerned abt them being so new coz to be honest Tina didn't know what i was expected to do in my prac as no one has told her any particulars yet (i tell you my course is extremely disorganized...i had to keep myself from telling Tina that since i signed a contract saying i wouldn't bad-mouth the uni to outsiders...-_-lll Oh oops, sorry did i just say that?), but i guess the good thing abt the place being so new is that if i DO do a good job, i have a pretty good chance of getting employed there! So, fingers crossed!!!! (o^-')b

Anyway, here're some pics of 2 Saturdays ago when we had yakiniku and went drinking. (゚∀゚)

Follow the cut...Collapse )Will go out again this Saturday coz it's Jason's birthday. We're going to have dinner, then ice-skating, then karaoke! Can't wait! ヽ(´▽`)ノ

Anyway, watched District 9 yesterday, and i really really really liked it! I really didn't expect it to be this erm...gory, but i guess it fits into the film pretty well? (゚∀゚) I think we all got really annoyed with Wikus at the beginning though i think in the end they made a good job of showing how he redeemed himself. And i can't help but feel really really sorry for the aliens. The ending was really sad, but it was for the best i guess? It did leave it very open so maybe they were hoping to make a sequel. I really hope they don't though, as this by itself is absolutely perfect! It's like one of those films that absolutely should be left alone, like...erm...Sin City! (゚∀゚)

Also, i've decided not to take JLPT this year afterall, since i'm gonna go back to Malaysia for a month at the end of the year, and i wouldn't have time to attend the classes and stuff. Oh well, next year i guess! ^^;;

Anyway, time to sleep! Tata!
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Food!! [22 Aug 2009|04:19pm]
[mood| happy]
[music| Sid - Circus]

Just saw the trailer for Dorian Gray a few days ago!!!!! BEN BARNES!!!! o(≧∇≦)o I love the book, i love Oscar Wilde, and i LOOOOOVE Ben Barnes, so....IT'S GONNA BE SO AWESOME!!!! ヽ(´▽`)ノ And despite the fact that i've always imagined Dorian Gray as a blonde, it's BEN BARNES SO WHO CARES!!!! o(≧∇≦)o I want to watch it so badly now! *hyperventilates*

Anyway....me and James were gonna eat out last night, but in the end we ended up buying ingredients and making steak, which was a lot cheaper and yummy too! Mmm....BEEF!!!! ヽ(´▽`)ノ

He made steaks with onions and portabello mushrooms while i made the mashed potato and salad (which we drenched in gomadare...o(≧∇≦)o) It was really good! It's kinda weird eating this kinda stuff at home, coz back home, and i'm pretty sure most of Asia, steaks are something we eat outside in pricey restaurants, but here it's really normal for ppl to make steaks and roasts. But i suppose it balances out since Chinese restaurants here are pricey and Australians make kinda a big deal to eat at proper Chinese restaurants...(゚∀゚)

Speaking of food, Momoyo taught me how to make this Hokkaido dish called Chan Chan Yaki! You layer veggies and fish, spread some miso paste mixed with mirin and sake on top of the fish, then grill it. You can try cooking it on the stove top and i think that's how it's traditionally done but i'm lazy so i'm gonna use the oven. ^^;; It sounds really good and healthy, so i'm gonna try it next week! (o^-')b Been eating so unhealthily lately...-_-lll

Anyway, i've been watching Big Bang Theory a lot recently. I absolutely love it! o(≧∇≦)o It's really funny and some of the ppl there remind me so much of certain ppl i know, especially Sheldon...^^;; Watched Alien last night with James too. I watched it since i was really young, so i don't remember any of it anymore. ^^;; I think, despite not having much appearances by the alien itself, the movie was scarier and better than the newer films, coz it's really well paced and built up the suspense really well, since you don't know where they're coming from. The recent films just focused on gore and fight scenes and yes it did make the film scary it wasn't as thrilling. Will prolly re-watch Aliens again some other time. I do remember that a bit, and Aliens Ressurection i did watch at the cinema so i remember it pretty well but i think i would still rewatch it, just for nostalgia...(゚∀゚)

Two assignments next week, and i have to go talk to one of my lecturers on my project proposal...-_-lll Work work work!
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More Monopoly!!! (゚∀゚) [19 Aug 2009|02:32pm]
[mood| cheerful]
[music| Kagrra - Rasen]

I think we're (meaning James, Laurence, Heeyeon and me) are all adddicted to board games these days. (゚∀゚) We originally only planned to have dinner and just watch a movie at James and Laurence's place yesterday, but after all that we ended up playing The Game of Life as well, and it was really good. Heeyeon was gonna go back after that coz she had a class a 8 in the morning, but James and Laurence bullied her into staying for another game of Pixar Monopoly...^^;; Btw here's a pic of the board! It's cute!

It was really funny coz we decided to not be compassionate and play a really ruthless game where ppl have to truly pay off their debts, as before this we were trading properties or lending them to the ppl we owed money to, which were against the rules....^^;; We thought that being ruthless would be fun and make the game shorter, but surprisingly, it actually took longer than usual...-_-lll We ended up playing from 12 till 3.30 in the morning...o_O Although it was fun, it was also extremely stressful...^^;; Coz no matter how much money you have they can be gone in like a flash if you land on someone's property, as by the middle of the game most ppl already had multiple houses and hotels on their lots....-_-lll I thought i was gonna die a few times, but i ended up surviving through the worst....and i actually won the game! o(≧∇≦)o Laurence died first, as he landed on one of my hotels and had to give me all his property, then Heeyeon landed on one of my hotels, folded and gave me her property, and in the end, James, whom we all thought would eventually win, actually died as well so....i ended up owning everything! ヽ(´▽`)ノ

I don't think i've ever played a game of Monopoly like this before....it was really really fun! (゚∀゚)

Speaking of Pixar, there's gonna be a Toy Story 3!!!! o(≧∇≦)o I really can't wait! It's only gonna come out next year, but still! There's so many films i want to watch next year! Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story 3, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and some others which i can't remember. I was also watching some trailers on Youtube a few days ago, and i saw this film called Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and it seems so cute! I really wanna watch it! (*´∀`*) Same with Planet 51 as well!

Also, i've recently gotten nostalgic and was watching Sesame Street! (゚∀゚) Was watching Kermit's News Flash a lot, man i love Kermit! He's soooooo cute and funny! I remember watching all these every Sunday morning as a kid....good times, real good times. ヽ(´ー`)ノ A lot of the stuff i enjoyed as a kid i don't like them anymore now, but for Sesame Street, it's different, they're still as good as ever. Here's one clip that i find incredibly adorable!

Cookie Monster and Kermit! o(≧∇≦)o I love how the Cookie Monster suddenly goes all deep and stuff by saying 'Frog, enough, in life, not all guessing games, frog.'  o(≧∇≦)o *dies* Man i love Sesame Street SOOOOOO much!!! (*´∀`*)

Anyway, gotta go get ready for uni, toodles!
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Recap of the weekend! [17 Aug 2009|10:24pm]
[mood| calm]
[music| Vidoll - Puzzle Ring]

Cooked dinner with Momoyo tonight and we made more okonomiyaki! o(≧∇≦)o I had to use up the rest of the cabbage, and i'm currently on an okonomiyaki craze right now so...^^;; Not sure how healthy it is for me, despite it being comprised of mostly veggies, since i pour LOADS of mayonnaise on it...^^;; I'm such a mayora...-_-lll But anyway, here's one of my creations.

This isn't the one we cooked tonight, but the one i made with James a few days ago...^^;; The ones today were...less pretty...-_-lll Anyway, i think i still have a bit of cabbage left, might cook more tomorrow....(゚∀゚) I need to finish up my bottle of mayonnaise too since it won't keep...^^;; Although i'm a total mayora, the only time i use Japanese mayonnaise is either with okonomiyaki or sushi, which i doubt i'll be making anytime soon...

Played Pixar Monopoly and The Game of Life with James, Laurence and Heeyeon yesterday. It was good! (o^-')b The Pixar Monopoly was so incredibly cute! It was definitely a nice change from usual Monopoly with real streets and places. (*´∀`*) I thought i was gonna lose as i had the least property, but in the end we were all trading cards with each other to pay off debts and surprisingly me and Laurence (who had the most property) ended up being the last 2 standing....(゚∀゚) Honestly, i only had the red set and the power and water plants...i was incredibly unlucky during the start of the game but...things were pretty interesting towards the end....(゚∀゚) Damn, i wish i had taken pics of the board!
Same with The Game of Life! We played it after dinner. It was the 1st time playing for most of us so the 1st round was kinda confusing for us, but it was still fun. Laurence decided he wanted to have a gay character so he had a husband instead of a wife when he got married, and he bought a mobile home. Also he kept getting children, which he was pretty happy about, since this meant he'll get more money from them when he retires. o(≧∇≦)o We all couldn't stop laughing. James ended up being a hairdresser, which was pretty amusing. o(≧∇≦)o I think he originally drew the lawyer card, but became a hairdresser when he lost his job. Don't think he was happy abt it...(゚∀゚) Definitely want to play the game again, it's really interesting! o(≧∇≦)o

Also, went out with the others on Saturday night. We had Korean bbq, which was AWESOME coz i haven't had it in a while. After that we went to Union Hotel since Mai was having her birthday thing there. Only me and Jason knew her so we sat at different tables. ^^;; They had cocktail specials, 2 for 1, so me and Momoyo got some mango cocktail...which tasted horrible...-_-lll However, Wing came a bit later and i shared another one with her, which was really really good so i guess that makes up for it! (o^-')b Everyone decided to leave at around 11-ish as the place was kinda expensive. We were originally gonna go to Cumberland for more drinks, but in the end everyone decided to go home except Wing. And since she arrived late (my fault too since i forgot to call her...^^;;) i felt bad for her and so me and James went to Cumberland with her. I was nearly asleep at that point but oh well...^^;; All in all it was a pretty good night out! I haven't had a proper night out with with everyone for a while, so it was good chatting and just generally having fun with them. Ryo was taking pics as well, so i will prolly post some up when he passes them to me....(゚∀゚)
I still wish Australia had mamak stalls so things were more casual, does not involve alcohol (believe it or not, despite me getting drunk a lot in parties and sometimes during night outs, i would prefer non-alcoholic stuff!) and more importantly, CHEAP! -_-lll

Also, i can't believe i managed to get some study done today! ヽ(´ー`)ノ Did 2 readings today, and will go to the library to finish off 2 more readings tomorrow. But for now...i think i shall go and finish off The Fourth Bear. It's sooooo good! I'm nearly at the end, so things are pretty exciting! o(≧∇≦)o I really want more Jasper Fforde books!
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Candy! (゚∀゚) [11 Aug 2009|09:12pm]
[mood| chipper]
[music| Ketsumeishi - Mata Kimi ni Aeru]

Mmmmm, i've gotten addicted to this candy!

Puccho grape candy! It's grape flavoured, milky, yoghurt-ty soft candy, kinda like Hi-Chu, but even better! As it has little pieces of tangy grape gummies in them! Absolutely HEAVENLY! o(≧∇≦)o Best thing is, they're not expensive at all! ヽ(´ー`)ノ I bought a pack 2 days ago and couldn't stop eating them. Can't believe they're still here! Will prolly finish them tonight. (゚∀゚)
I just realized that i learnt Japanese at an earlier age than i originally thought! When me and my brother were young kids, maybe around 3 or 5, my mom would buy Meiji snacks for us, and it would mostly be in Japanese. I learnt how to say grape and strawberry in Japanese before i could even speak Malay i think....(゚∀゚)

Also, speaking of Japanese, i'm gonna take JLPT Level 2 this year! (o^-')b Feeling kinda nervous though, coz James was doing his Japanese homework this morning, and i was helping him a bit, and i realized that i've forgotten some of the stuff he's learning...-_-lll Can't blame me that much since i did those stuff more than 3 years ago...-_-lll But still, it makes me really depressed and frustrated that i'm forgetting things. Bel did it last year though, and she said that because i know a lot more kanji than she did, i'll do fine. That only makes me feel slightly better, since i've discovered how my grammar has deteriorated...-_-lll Need to start studying hard again....orz

Oh, i made okonomiyaki for dinner...and it was.....SOOOOOO GOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ヽ(´▽`)ノ I haven't had okonomiyaki in AGES! And also, I'm a total mayora and i can't live without Japanese mayonnaise, so yeah...loads of loads of them. ^^;; Gonna make them tomorrow again, probably with James as well if we have dinner together. Can't wait! And i had cherries after that too...mmm, life is good...ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Anyway, i've recently gotten quite interested in Jasper Fforde's books. I've finished The Big Over Easy, and i've been sneaking to Borders for a while now to read The Fourth Bear (which i finally bought today...). (゚∀゚) I like how his books combine Nursery Rhymes and famous literary characters with normal characters, all within a delightfully funny mystery/crime novel. ヽ(´ー`)ノ I just love metafiction books! ヽ(´▽`)ノ The Big Over Easy has to do with investigating the death of Humpty Dumpty, and along the way you meet characters like the 3 pigs, Rupunzel, the Greek titan Prometheus and even aliens, so you can kinda guess what kinda book this is. But it's never cheesy or silly either! (o^-')b I guess part of the charm of the books is how the characters treat, say, talking bears and fictional and bigger-than-life characters like Punch and Judy normally, just like they would normal ppl. The current book i'm reading, The Fourth Bear, has to do with the 3 bears, Goldilocks and the homicidal Gingerbreadman, which i can't help comparing to Hannibal Lecter, coz he's cultured and well-read, despite being a psychotic, homicidal killer....o(≧∇≦)o And he was a model inmate of the asylum he was at before he escaped as well, just like Hannibal...but anyway, Fforde's other books are the Thursday Next series, and they deal with famous literary figures as well. Will prolly look into them once i finish this current one. (o^-')b

Okay, will go and continue reading The Fourth Bear. Toodles! ヽ(´ー`)ノ
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I'm getting old...orz [08 Aug 2009|11:11pm]
[mood| cold]
[music| Ketsumeishi - Tokai no Yoru]

I'm listening to a lot of old Glay songs these days. Don't know, but i think i'm feeling kinda nostalgic. I still like their old songs the most. I don't think i even know what songs they have post Unity Family Roots, Away....^^;; Was watching some of their old PVs as well, and it made me remember how much i used to love them. I guess i still love them a lot, but i can't connect with their new songs somehow. (´・ω・`) I think One Love is definitely my favourite album from them. I can never get tired of that album. ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Speaking of songs, i've started listening to Ketsumeishi as well! I really really like them! ヽ(´ー`)ノ I've always liked songs like these: cheerful, summery and well, just...beachy in general....I don't know, somehow i really like Japanese hip hop. (゚∀゚) I've always listened to bands like Rip Slyme, Heartsdales and Orange Range since highschool, but i've never obssessed over them like i did Glay or other VK bands. But i think recently i've started listening to more J-Pop, and i think i'm listening to bands like them a lot. I blame Ino as well, since when we go karaoke, he always sings songs like these....(゚∀゚)

Oh yeah, right, Ino took some pics with my phone when him, me, Momoyo, Yuki and Leo went to karaoke on Monday. It was dark so the pics weren't that good...^^;; But anyway...
Click me!Collapse )I think Momoyo and the others have gotten tired of the Korean place, Sue, that we always go to, as they don't have any new songs anymore, so we go to Kbox more now. Besides, Momoyo is a HUGE Jay Chou fan, she always gets all squealy that Kbox uses real PVs of Jay Chou songs...(゚∀゚)

Also, just finished watching Coraline with Kavita. I really really like it! o(≧∇≦)o It feels very Tim Burton-ish, and i've always liked his style, coz it's dark and Gothic. Some parts of the animation looked really dodgy, but in general the story was really really good! (*´∀`*) I also have a thing for dolls, especially creepy dolls with buttons for eyes....o(≧∇≦)o Now i'm wishing i watched it at the cinema...

Anyway, we didn't end up going out tonight as Momoyo and Yuki can't make it, so it'll be...next week instead....-_-lll Sigh and i really wanted to go out drinking tonight! In retrospect it's prolly a good thing as James can't make it either as he needed to go back to his parents' house...^^;; So, next week it is!

p/s: I might be able to get a placement in Eynesbury! I really really hope i get the placement there, as it's only 10 minutes away from my place, and i'm praying i'll do a good job as i really want to work at the place where i do my prac....fingers crossed!!!! (`・ω・´)
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Need more food... [02 Aug 2009|04:20pm]
[mood| bored]
[music| Glay - Hello My Life]

Had this for breakfast a few days ago.

Cherries and mandarins (with milktea too of course!)!! o(≧∇≦)o It's mandarin season now, so they're everywhere, which is good coz i absolutely LOVE those tiny little ones. Not sure if it's cherry season but i'm not complaining since they're relatively cheap now. I usually get a bag and it'll last me for a few days. They're absolutely HEAVENLY! Man i love fruits! And i think it's nashi pears' season now too, since i'm seeing a lot of them now. Mmm, fruits are good! ヽ(´ー`)ノ Bought James a bag a bananas and nashi pears too coz he's been eating just chocolate in the morning...-_-lll

Anyway, attempted to study this afternoon....which resulted in epic fail-ness...-_-lll I can't seem to concentrate. And we have a 1,000 word essay due on Thursday too, and it needs to be fully referenced....-_-lll It's ridiculous! A full essay on the 2nd week! ヽ(`Д´)ノ I guess it's coz i'm still sluggish due to the break. Hopefully i'll break out of it next week, when my uni life starts to get a bit more organized. So i guess it's gonna be library library library all the time for me again this semester....not that i'm complaining since i guess i do enjoy reading stuff, and it makes me feel like i'm actually doing something....(゚∀゚)

Also my ribs are feeling a LOT better now! ヽ(´ー`)ノ Me and James kinda worked out what might have possibly happened. His bed has really awful springs, and James had backpains after sleeping on it one afternoon, and so now we were wondering if one of the springs might have bounced out one night and hit me in the ribs without me knowing. Well, sounds more plausible than him hugging me too tightly or him punching me in his sleep anyway....(゚∀゚) It also sounds really dangerous too if you think abt it....o_O

Will be going out for Korean bbq with Ino, Ryo, Momoyo and the others this weekend, and we might go karaoke and then drinking after that! Can't wait! It's been so long since we've had a night out together! o(≧∇≦)o And speaking of night outs, me and James went out and watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on Friday night...and...well, i'm not sure if i like it...-_-lll Maybe i've forgotten too much of what happened in the previous film, but a lot of the film didn't make sense to me. Things happened way too fast and sometimes no explanations were given whatsoever...-_-lll Meh, and i thought it'd be good since it got pretty good reviews....orz
On the other hand, i can't wait till Coraline comes out! o(≧∇≦)o Really want to watch that! It looks awesome, AND it's based on the book by Neil Gaiman! ヽ(´ー`)ノ And yes i know Australia is lame. The film'll only come out this Friday...-_-lll
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Pics!! (o^-')b [27 Jul 2009|10:19pm]
[mood| sleepy]
[music| Sid - Rakuen] 

Went to the doctor's with James today coz i've had this pain at the back of my left ribs for a week now. It got so bad during Saturday night that i could barely get out of bed. I thought i had a broken rib! o_O I suppose it got worse coz i had been standing up in heels for the entire day....-_-lll But yeah, so apparently i have a....twisted rib? I don't know that's what the doctor said. It's where the soft parts of the ribs and the hard parts connect, and i somehow hurt that part....-_-lll Worse thing is there's no cure so i have to wait for it to heal by itself...-_-lll Also, we were trying to work out how the hell i got this and he said someone could've elbowed me without me noticing or something, coz i don't have swellings or bruisings or...he even suggested James might've hugged me too tightly...which was kinda funny actually coz i was joking abt James punching me in his sleep...(゚∀゚) Personally i think it's coz i've been coughing too much...-_-lll But anyway, what was funny was while i was at the reception organizing the payment with OSHC, the doctor came out again and said to James, in front of the receptionists "Don't break her!" o(≧∇≦)o (Okay, this IS kinda my fault since i was telling the doctor that James wanted to throw me over his shoulder...) It was really funny, coz the whole waiting room, which was conveniently full, also heard it. One of the receptionist was like "*stares at James* I shall pretend that never happened..." (゚∀゚)

Anyway, Avcon is finally over! Had a lot more fun than i actually thought, and i really did enjoy working at the maid cafe, eventhough i only worked there for one day coz of my stupid rib. I wanted to work more but then Sakura wouldn't allow me to work coz she didn't want me to get worse..and she said i worked harder than anyone else during the 1st day anyway so... (゚∀゚) There were good cosplayers (including an awesome group from Silent Hill, and also a very very good Jack Sparrow!) but I didn't end up taking lots of pics coz i was either busy working (and being very tired after that), hanging out with friends (Jason, Kee, Kwok and Ino actually came during the 2nd day, which surprised me SOOOO much! But it was fun going around the convention with them...ヽ(´ー`)ノ) or playing games....i was playing quite a bit of Soul Caliber during the 2nd day, and i only lost twice, which felt kinda good coz a few of the guys there thought i was a push-over coz i had fluffy poodle-ish hair and was dressed in Lolita...TAKE THAT! (`・ω・´) Played some Katamari Damacy as well, which was pretty nostalgic. I love that game so much! (*´∀`*) I also won 3rd place in the Lolita catwalk...which really really surprised me, but oh well, it felt good....ヽ(´ー`)ノ Maybe i should start wearing more sweet stuff now? (゚∀゚) Anyway yes yes PICS!

This is the Baby outfit i wore for the first day. One of the maids, Monnie, did my hair. It looked fantastic for Lolita and maid costumes, but....it DID get slightly excessive when i changed back to normal clothes....^^;;
YES WE HAVE JESSE IN A MAID COSTUME!!(゚∀゚)Collapse )Yep, that's all for this year! I think i've had my fill of dressing up for now. ^^;; There was also this trouble with the police over the yaoi and yuri panel, which was really ridiculous...-_-lll So the yaoi panel got cancelled and the yuri panel had to be 18+...what the hell is wrong with ppl sometimes. And the Lolita panel/catwalk thing got hassled as well coz the police were concerned with paedophiles just coz it had the word 'Lolita' in it...-_-lll It's just ridiculous. But overall, it was a pretty good weekend, though...i was SOOO tired....

Sigh, also, uni has started. I'm gonna be doing teaching prac from Week 5....reaaaaalllly nervous abt it...o_O James said i could practice on him by teaching him Japanese....o(≧∇≦)o But seriously, i always had confidence problems, and get super nervous with public speaking, so i really hope i can pull this off coz it's potentially my future...-_-lll STRESS!!!! But oh well, it's kinda good that uni's starting again, coz i can get some regularity back in my life, coz holidays tend to mess up your sleeping cycle and well, just your time-management in general...^^;;
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Party pics! (゚∀゚) [23 Jul 2009|10:48pm]

[mood| calm]
[music| Tommy Heavenly6 - Heavy Starry Chain]

I've started to watch anime again recently. Haven't watched any for nearly a year. I guess i just lost interest. But anyway, just finished the whole series of Hetalia: Axis Power, which isn't much considering each episode is only like...5 minutes....(゚∀゚) It was absolutely hilarious! I love the randomness and the stereotypes of various countries, though some make no sense at all...o(≧∇≦)o And i guess having Katsuyuki Konishi as one of the seiyuus helped too....ヽ(´▽`)ノ I'm also watching Pandora Hearts, though my time is currently taken up with the new season of Full Metal Alchemist. I wasn't interested to watch the new season, despite loving the 1st season to death. Even Sid doing the ending didn't attract me, but i guess reading a few reviews online made me interested in it so....I'm really, really hooked now! ^^;; It made me feel really nostalgic too. (゚∀゚) I actually went and re-watched Conqueror of Shamballa this evening....^^;;

Anyway, i don't post much pics from parties on my blog since everything's on Facebook these days, but...i guess my parents have a right to know what their daughter's been up to recently so....here're pics from Denise's party last Saturday. (o^-')b Had quite a lot of fun! And...needless to say, with Denise you get alcohol, and with alcohol you end up with a very drunk Jesse...-_-lll Yes i got really drunk in the party. I always swear never to get drunk and in the end i always end up getting drunk....orz Anyway, enough rambling on...

Shots! Tequila shots!!! o(≧∇≦)o My stomach might object to them vehemently, but i LOOOOVE it all the same....(゚∀゚) The shot glasses were huge too! I reckon one shot's like...double of the pubs and clubs outside...o_O
rest beneath the cut! Collapse )Thankfully i didn't have a hangover the next day....(゚∀゚) It's weird, i can get really really drunk but i never ever get hangovers....*touch wood*. I don't think my parents get hangovers too...so...genetics? (゚∀゚)

Btw, i'm soooo addicted to Tommy Heavenly6's songs these days. (*´∀`*) I can't stop listening to Papermoon and Lonely in Gorgeous. Lollipop Candy BAD Girl is good too, though it's a little too long...the PV's cute though, in fact most of her PVs are adorable. (*´∀`*)

Also, this weekend's Avcon...which means...anyone who wants to see me make a fool out of myself (tripping over chairs/carpets/food/tables/herself included) is welcome to come see me at the maid cafe during the lunch shift...-_-lll I'll be wearing my new pink Baby dress after that too! (*´∀`*) Can't wait! Actually i'll be wearing it before that as well for the Lolita catwalk...^^;; Will be doing a lot of changing that day...-_-lll

Anyway will be going to the art gallery with James tomorrow! Sooooo happy! ヽ(´▽`)ノ Two things that i love at the same time....how awesome is that? (*´∀`*)

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(*´∀`*) [16 Jul 2009|03:02pm]
[mood| good]
[music| The Kiddie - elite STAR+]

I am SOOOO totally loving The Kiddie's new single elite STAR+. (*´∀`*) I thought Noah was my favourite song from them, but, i think we have a new winner now....(o^-')b I just love how dreamy and happy the song is. o(≧∇≦)o

Also, SCONES! o(≧∇≦)o Went to the cafe with Wing on Tuesday, and after so many weeks, FINALLY snapped a pic of this little gem!

Doesn't it look absolutely HEAVENLY? It's soft, warm and fluffy! And the cream...mmm...THE CREAM! (゚∀゚) Somehow scones just aren't complete if you don't eat it with strawberry jam and a great big dollop of fresh cream. (o^-')b

Anyway, after weeks of procrastinating, i finally finished Blood's route in Clover no Kuni no Alice. ^^;; I used to be able to finish a route in around 8 hours, which usually equals 2 nights or a single day if i was in hikkikomori/super bored mode....^^;; But....this route took me around 2 weeks...-_-lll It IS also my first playthrough so i suppose that somehow contributed to the length as well....-_-lll Somehow i get the feeling that there're less events in this game....and the route is actually...kinda boring...o_O I read online that ppl did say that Blood's route was less exciting than Heart. I didn't really pay much attention coz well, it's Blood...meaning it HAS to have a certain degree of interesting-ness....(゚∀゚) I did enjoy the hysterical fits that Blood throws occasionally though, coz he's usually calm, and silently manipulative so to see him lose his cool was definitely entertaining....o(≧∇≦)o And Alice's reaction was just as funny. Here's one where Blood jokingly proposed to her:

Alice: I have absolutely NO interest whatsoever to step into the abyss with a pathetic excuse of a man like you!
She has a really cute love/hate relationship with him...(゚∀゚) But yeah...-_-lll I think i'll skip Elliot for now and go straight to the Twins' route after this....^^;; I want to go through Pierce's route directly, but i need to finish Boris' route before i can go for Pierce, and i have no desire to play Boris' route currently, so...-_-lll

Also finished Gyakuten Kenji a few weeks ago. I....can't say i was impressed with the ending. I thought the few plot holes would be filled up, but...they're all still left open and unresolved....-_-lll And..twists and turns are good...but i think there are too many for my liking...^^;; I still wish they would make a second game of this though, coz despite being kinda confusing and stuff, i really did enjoy it, and besides.....call me and Edgeworth fangirl, but i really do like playing as him. ヽ(´▽`)ノ It's also fun playing the Japanese version as he sounds WAY more haughty than in the English version. o(≧∇≦)o It's just sooooo nice not playing the underdog for once....(o^-')b

And speaking of games, i also got Valkyrie Profile: Convenent of the Plume, Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner, Suikoden and Mario and Luigi Partners in Time, so....will be pretty occupied these days! ヽ(´ー`)ノ Which is good, since James is gonna be busy till probably next week so i won't get to see him much....(´・ω・`) Got a few movies off the student network too so....(゚∀゚) I actually got so bored this morning i was watching Twilight....^^;;
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Chocolate and pics! (o^-')b [13 Jul 2009|10:06pm]
[mood| tired]
[music| D=OUT - Zipang]

It's now James' turn to get sick so....orz Was feeling really really guilty coz it's kinda my fault..-_-lll But oh well, i suppose it's better to get sick now than either later this month when uni starts again, or even during the weekend. I am feeling a lot better now though, just coughing and stuff like that now. Still feeling kinda dizzy and light-headed though...-_-lll Again, we slept the whole day away, only waking up for food at various intervals. (゚∀゚) Was gonna leave at 4.30 but i fell asleep again and only woke up at 6....-_-lll It's just absolutely ridiculous, but i suppose in a way it's kinda nice as well. (*´∀`*)
I'm actually still feeling kinda tired...o_O I guess my body's collecting its debts coz i haven't been sleeping properly for the last week...^^;;

Anyway, here're some pics of the Melba's chocolate factory we went with Yuri last week! (*´∀`*)
Of course underneath the cut...Collapse )I like how old-fashioned the whole factory feels. (o^-')b It's really....懐かしい....(゚∀゚)

Anyway, did i also mention that Yuri got me a Liz Lisa dress? o(≧∇≦)o It's absolutely GORGEOUS! 
As usual pics beaneath the cut! (o^-')bCollapse )
But yeah, i LOOOOOVE the dress so much! I actually didn't choose this. I gave Yuri a few choices, but apparently it had all sold out, so the shopkeeper suggested this one after Yuri told her what i liked. (*´∀`*) I just love the cutting and the floral prints! It's so pretty and girly! I'm so happy!!! It's slightly too cold to wear like this currently, so i think i might wear this with capri pants and heels with a jacket if there's a houseparty or something. (o^-')b I can't wait for spring to come so i can wear this properly, with sandals and stuff! (*´∀`*) Might curl my hair to go along with it too!

Oh yeah, will go shopping with Wing and Momoyo tomorrow! I definitely need new boots. My current black boots are falling apart, and i saw some cute and cheap ones on sale last week at Rundle Mall....can't wait to go shop for new ones tomorrow! o(≧∇≦)o
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meh... [11 Jul 2009|09:20pm]
[mood| sick]
[music| Serial Number - Adios! El Amigo]

Feeling so sick at the moment. Couldn't stop coughing yesterday and it was bad coz i was accompanying Yuri to Glenelg and around the city. -_-lll My chest hurts a lot now coz i coughed so much that i nearly threw up a few times, and i'm pretty sure i have a fever, my eyeballs and joints hurt. -_-lll I seriously hope this isn't anything too serious. Laurence, James' brother, kept saying it's swine flu. -_-lll James insisted i stay over last night coz he wanted to take care of me...I guess i couldn't ask for a better boyfriend than him. (*´∀`*) But yeah, i hope it isn't swine flu or else he'd be infected too! o_O (he seemed alright today...so i think i just caught a chill or something...) Slept the whole day away today with James. Really, we slept from 5.30 in the morning till nearly 6 in the afternoon! o_O Stomach's feeling really crummy too as i haven't eaten in more than 10 hours thus every mouthful of food i put in my mouth makes me naueseous. -_-lll Had some slightly sour mandarin oranges so it's at least slightly better now....but grrr....i hate getting sick! orz So glad i'm at least not coughing that much anymore coz my chest really really REALLY hurts. (;´Д`;) If i don't get better i think i need to see a doctor on Monday....-_-lll
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